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Community Resources

For access and information to other local, regional, and Maine state resources

use the links below.

(More resources here.)


Substance use disorder and mental health counseling services in Bridgton and Rumford, Maine.

Bridgton: (207) 647-5600

Rumford: (207) 364-2100

Links to state wide locations and contact information of all recovery centers 


A leading provider of services for substance use treatment.  Offering detox, inpatient, and outpatient. 

(855) 717 - 2262


Tucker's House is a safe and supportive residential setting offering a stepping stone toward attaining a healthy life for women in recovery.


The Central Service Office for AA in Maine. Find meetings anywhere in the state and information on everything AA related in Maine.

A source for statewide information about NA, including meetings, events, crisis numbers, and more.

Connecting community members with supportive social, physical, and cultural resources to enhance quality of life. (207) 647-3116


Baed in Portland, Crossroads provides gender responsive substance use and mental health treatment services in a safe environment.

(877) 978 - 1667


Milestone Recovery in Portland offers care and services to people with substance use disorder, mental health illness, and homelessness.

(207) 775 - 4790


The Lakes Region Explorer provides Monday - Friday bus service along Route 302 between Bridgton and Portland. Free passes for LRRC members.


Addiction treatment and medical detox program based in Portland, Maine with other regional affiliate programs.

(207) 222-6945

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Services.

24/7 Toll Free Phone Support:


For more resources, click here.

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